Friday, February 17, 2006


Mocked up this banner for the blog the other day, but then realised there's no option in here for it. Thought l'd post it anyway. I'll try to get it into the html when l get time.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Substance Abuse

Just realised that this blog will be an interesting exercise in just how much l have to offer which would be of any interest to anyone other than me. My guess is not much!! There's plenty of blogs out there which are simply wastes of harddrive space. I guess this will be the same, maybe the real test is whether l will maintain any interest in it. If l dont .. that's really sad.

Not that l'm expecting anyone else to read this anyway, if you are stop wasting oxygen and go out and do something constructive.

Couldn't Resist

I had to put something a little better up than that quick little concept peice. This is a logo for Moylo's fishing club l did ages ago and don't think l ever gave it to him ... oops.

First come, First served

Not that anyones been served yet. Just a quick post to get going, l'll set out my aims and thoughts next time perhaps. Although l think the blog will morph its way through various iterations.

Here's an image to get us started, ...

Nothing special.