Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nursery Paintings

A few weeks ago l ventured back to a place that l dont dare travel to very often. It's been a LONG time since l finished my illustration course, and since then l've worked almost exclusively digitally. Its just so much faster to work digitally and it has a couple of great features that traditional mediums simply dont have. 'Undo' is an obvious one, and for me the ability to fine tune colours endlessly makes my work look far better than it otherwise could.

But with the arrival of our baby approaching l wanted to get some "real" artwork up in the nursery. To cut a long story short, painting these canvasses was the first time in a long time that l've enjoyed painting again away from the computer. They actually turned out exactly as l'd planned them ..... apart from one minor oversight .... l forgot to paint the elephant's tail. Oh well.