Sunday, August 01, 2010


Well life is as busy in Sydney as it was in Melbourne. Moving around working on films seems to leave little time for painting and drawing unfortunately. Although l have finished developing HenryVille and l'm starting to submit the strip to publishers now. I'll try to update the blog with a couple examples in the near future. As for work, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" is set to be unleashed on the public in January, and "Happy Feet 2" is moving along well.

I'm growing more confident that my old short film, Outback, is never going to be completed, ... and since l don't have a lot of new artwork to update the blog with, l thought l'd add a small selection of the concept art l did for the film 'years' ago when l was developing it.

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Johnny Hennapin said...

I've heard some rumor that this Happy Feet sequel's going to turn out a lot darker than the first one. Without spoiling or compromising anything, what are your thoughts on this?